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Beauty, Simplified.

Moringa Oil.
100% Natural & Organic.


Self-Care Made Simple.

Seeking that all-in-one, take-everywhere-you-go product? We've got you covered with sustainable beauty you can count on.
Halia Moringa Oil does what multiple products aim (and claim) to do. Our natural oil provides long-lasting moisture and nourishment to your hardworking skin, hair, and body. So whether at home, adventuring the great outdoors, or traveling the globe, Halia keeps you glowing.



Halia has a very soft texture which makes this oil very special and gives it an exceptional prerogative among skincare products on the market.  

Its creamy, tender, and light consistency nurtures my skin perfectly, but doesn't leave the oily feeling for hours as other similar products. I love using it, especially in the morning when my skin feels very dry, as well as after surfing when my skin cells need a proper recovery after the sun.


I am an older man. I spend a lot of time in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. After a couple of hours in the ocean and a quick rinse with fresh water, I put Moringa oil all over my face. It relieves the burn, helps remove ingrained zinc, and also makes me look younger (ahem)! I apply it thick and plentiful and it soon sinks in without leaving a greasy layer. Here’s to years off my face!


I’ve been using Halia Naturals moringa oil for 2 months now and don’t think I could ever stop. I love how hydrated it makes my skin feel without feeling oily. Another benefit I’ve noticed is that I haven’t had any of my usual “that time of the month” acne since I started using it. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE. With so much on the market right now skincare can feel overwhelming sometimes but this makes it so easy.

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