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In 2020, Founder Megan Daubert decided to quit her career in the States to go travel the globe, risking it all in search of finding her deeper passion in life. What she found was completely unexpected. After settling down in a sleepy beach town in central Nicaragua, she encountered the Moringa Tree.


Oil from this bountiful tree was a new discovery for Megan, and after feeling overwhelmed and unimpressed with the many available skincare options on the market, she was inspired to create an all-in-one product that achieved everything she sought from her once lengthy self-care routine.

The active, sun-drenched lifestyle in Latin America leaves skin and hair dry, cracked, and in need of serious replenishment. Where was the product that did it all? She noticed a real need for a simplified beauty routine that would lessen the amount of time, resources, & hassle spent on self-care. Halia was created to provide a simple solution to everyone's biggest problem; daily rejuvenation.



This unique hydrating oil is packed with over 45 antioxidants and a ton of nutritive goodies like protein, oleic acid, & healthy fats that leave your skin glowing and protected against the harsh elements.

Most products on the market claiming to fix dryness & damage actually perpetuate the problem by using inorganic ingredients and preservatives to prolong shelf life. These additives can irritate the body and do more damage than good. That's why Halia uses 100% organic, natural ingredients that help restore dermal cells and strengthen elasticity (without all the added junk).



As a foreigner-funded business, we have cultivated a critical awareness and respect for the local Nicaraguan economy and environment while producing our product. Halia maintains a deep desire to stimulate the local economy, support our amazing workers with fair-trade wages, and give back to our community. With each purchase, we offer the option to donate to Grow a Miracle, a Halia-developed charity designed to enrich the lives of local farmers. The proceeds help them rent and buy land, send their children to school, and aid in the financial burden of home-building. To learn more about Grow A Miracle and how you can get involved, head over to our Giving Back page.


Our desire is to help our local partners wholly benefit along with us as we expand and continue to grow as a sustainable business.


With so many companies talking the talk for profit, it's easy to get lost in the sea of sustainability claims. So how are we different?

  • Everything about our packaging was consciously picked with the environment and future generations close in mind.

  • We use eco-friendly shrink bands and seals made from cellulose (they're biodegradable!)

  • Our product bottles are made from glass for their recyclable property.

  • Our labels are made with 90% post-consumer waste.

  • 100% recycled mailers.

  • We refrain from additives, chemicals, and preservatives in our product. Just pure, natural Moringa oil.

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